Terms and Conditions of Trade 

For all agreements and deliveries from Bjarne Egedesø A/S, the following sales and delivery conditions apply from January 2024.   
Upon receipt of goods, these conditions are considered accepted.  
Quotations from Bjarne Egedesø A/S are non-binding. Acceptance of all orders is only legally valid either upon written confirmation from the seller's side (exhibition orders, team clothing, and direct delivery), or follows in the form of an invoice no later than upon delivery of the goods. Drawings, pictures/illustrations, dimensions, weight, or other performance data are only binding if expressly stated in writing. Sales personnel at Bjarne Egedesø A/S are not authorized to enter into concurrent oral agreements or oral assurances beyond what is applicable according to these conditions.   
We reserve the right to price increases due to suppliers: price increases, long delivery times, currency fluctuations, freight, etc. That means the price from the quotation may, in special cases, change upon delivery.   

The services of Bjarne Egedesø A/S encompass only what is stated on the invoice/order confirmation, and under the following conditions, Bjarne Egedesø A/S undertakes to deliver a product of usual good quality, regarding materials and workmanship.   

Delivery deadlines or periods that are binding can only be agreed upon with Bjarne Egedesø A/S's head office (Odense) and must be formulated in writing. Partial deliveries in direct deliveries may occur, as well as back orders for items in stock. Damages occurring during shipment must be immediately reported and notified to the carrier. If assistance is required, Bjarne Egedesø A/S's shipping department can provide assistance. Payment for delivery is made according to Bjarne Egedesø A/S's applicable rules. All orders/special orders are binding; if a customer is unable to accept the ordered goods, a fee of 15% of the order value will be charged to the customer's account.   

Freight of DKK 79.00 is added to orders from 0 – DKK 300.
An administration fee of DKK 49 is added to orders under DKK 250.
Orders over DKK 300 are sent carriage paid.
Invoices are sent as PDFs, and a delivery note is included with the goods.
Account statements are also sent as PDFs.   

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment must be made according to the payment terms printed on the invoice. If payment is not made on time, default interest of 2% per month will be charged, calculated as of the middle and end of the month. Despite any contrary advice from the buyer, Bjarne Egedesø A/S is entitled to initially set off payments against the oldest debt. If there is already interest accrual, Bjarne Egedesø A/S will allocate the payment as follows: first against interest and expenses, and then against the invoices in order of oldest due. A payment is only considered valid once Bjarne Egedesø A/S has access to the amount. All payments must be made to Bjarne Egedesø A/S, Odense. Representatives from the company are not authorized to accept settlements/cash. If Bjarne Egedesø A/S becomes aware of doubts or lack of creditworthiness on the part of the buyer, the company is entitled to immediately demand full payment of the debt. In this situation, Bjarne Egedesø A/S is also entitled to demand prepayment and security. Bjarne Egedesø A/S also informs customers that ongoing credit assessments are conducted by approved credit reporting agencies. In case of repeated reminder letters and continued non-payment, the customer will lose the opportunity to obtain credit and will henceforth be required to settle via invoicing.   

Upon delivery from Bjarne Egedesø A/S, it is the buyer's responsibility to immediately conduct a thorough inspection to verify whether the goods correspond to what was invoiced. The buyer is obligated to notify any defects immediately and no later than 8 days from the invoice date, and the buyer cannot later claim defects that could have been detected through such an inspection. In the event that the delivered goods suffer from hidden defects, the buyer is obliged to notify them immediately upon discovering the defect. Defective goods are credited only with reference to invoices no more than 1 month old. All complaints must be made in writing, using the company's complaint reports. If the complaint report is not filled out correctly, the case will not be processed. The end user's purchase receipt/copy thereof must be attached to any part of the complaint. All items submitted for complaint must be cleaned. We reserve the right to return items that are not cleaned. Items sent carriage forward will be returned immediately. If parts of the packaging are damaged upon delivery and discrepancies in quantity can be demonstrated upon delivery, the buyer must immediately notify the transporter in writing and verify/inspect the delivery with this person/company to whom claims must be made, and also inform Bjarne Egedesø's shipping department, which will then assist with the further process. Realized goods sold, meaning sales beyond normal conditions, are not covered by ordinary warranty. If there are defects or deficiencies in the deliveries, these must be justified in writing within 8 days from the delivery in Odense.   

In case of any dispute regarding the delivery of ordered goods, ODR can be utilized via the following link if the customer wishes to complain: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr   

Goods are only accepted for return by agreement and are credited with a 15% deduction to cover return costs. This does not apply to incorrectly delivered goods. Incorrectly delivered goods must be returned within one month from the invoice date.   

Ownership of the delivered goods belongs to Bjarne Egedesø A/S and only transfers to the buyer once the full purchase price has been paid. Pledging or securing the goods is not permitted. In situations where direct or team clothing orders are canceled after a confirmed order has been signed, a charge will be made against the deposit to cover the costs associated with retrieving the goods and disposing of them.   

Bjarne Egedesø A/S is not liable for failure or delayed fulfillment of agreements due to force majeure, war, terrorism, riots, civil unrest, government intervention or intervention by local authorities, fire, strike, lockout, export and/or import bans, lack or incomplete deliveries from subcontractors, lack of labor, fuel, energy or any other cause beyond Bjarne Egedesø A/S's control that may delay or hinder the delivery of Bjarne Egedesø A/S's product range. If flawless or timely delivery is temporarily hindered by one or more of the above circumstances, the delivery will be postponed for a period corresponding to the duration of the hindrance, and delivery at the thus postponed delivery time will be considered timely.   

Right to changes without prior notice reserved.
The terms are subject to change without further notice.